Our Story

Hi, My name is Alex Costa, CEO and Founder of BrigadeirO’Clock.

As a child in Brazil, I always loved sweets. My mom used to tell me the story of my 3rd birthday, where she made brigadeiros for my birthday party and told me that I could not eat them until the time of the party. She said she took her eyes off me for 1 minute, and when she came back to look for me I was hiding behind the couch with my hands and mouth full of them hahahaha.

Brigadeiros are my favorite dessert ever since I can remember. I love them so much that by the age of 7-8 I knew how to cook them myself. And my love for the kitchen was so big that since that young age, I offer to help my family to make all kinds of sweets for birthday parties and other celebrations. Because I got very good I became in charge of desserts in my family.

When I was 9 years old, my parents got divorced and right after it my dad went bankrupt. My mom, my brother and me moved to my grandma’s house. After a few months my school scheduled a trip, but our money situation wasn’t the best and my parents wouldn’t be able to afford it for me. So my grandma came with the idea of me selling brigadeiros at my school. She said she would give me the money for the ingredients of the first batch and with the money from my sales I would buy more ingredients for the next and next… I accepted my grandma’s offer and did it for a few weeks. After that I got the money for my trip and it was my first time selling brigadeiros.

A few years pass, and I came to the US for studies, first to learn English and then to get a Masters in Business. Right after I graduated I got pregnant of my son and I couldn’t get a job anymore. A few months after his birth, his godmother asked me to make a cake for her graduation and everyone loved it. And my close friends suggested me to start to make cakes and brigadeiros to make some extra income for my family. 

After a few months doing it, I started to feel the 9 years old entrepreneur coming back alive inside of me, and all the love and excitement about have a little business, my dream of owning a brigadeiro boutique was more alive than ever. And now my dream is becoming truth with BrigadeirO’Clock.

I hope you enjoy our sweets. Everything is made with love, paying attention to the little details for you to be able to feel our love in every single bite.


Ah, before I forget, some people were asking me "why the name BrigadeirO'clock?" Well, I was brainstorming with some friends a good name for my business and a very clever and talented friend (Thairine Tiwari) suggested the name and it was love in the first sight. It was just PERFECT, every time someone will read the name BrigadeirO'clock they will remember that is time to have some brigadeiros haha